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Saint Jean "magical" fountains

Saint Jean "magical" fountains

The "magical fountains" are usually spring of water, isolated in nature, where men have built fountains.
People often visit these fountains because the water is said to have healing powers. Therefore, they are considered sacred and have become a place of devotion. The origins of the devotion are ancient : the water has been present since before Christianism. Celtic tribes used to worship a water goddess, source of life. With Christianism, these sources became the work of saints. Cross and place to pray were built near them.

The people that wanted to be cured left gifts there (money, flowers,...) but also "ex-votos" : clothes, shoes or any item that was in contact with the sick person's body. These "ex-votos" insure the magical link between the person and the fountain.

There are 2000 devotion fountains in France, 200 of which are in Haute-Vienne. There are 3 fountains in Cussac : the first is near the road and heals tooth aches. The second, in the chestnut grove heals all types of pain. The third heals animals.
The site now has young chestnut trees, benches, information panels and a walking path.
Every year, around June 24th, a big party is organised with rides and traditional activities.

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Les Bonnes Fontaines
87150 CUSSAC
Lat : 45.6933Lng : 0.87116
212 d

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Tel: 05 55 78 22 21

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